GT Shareholders Gretchen A. Ramos, Co-Chair of the Global Data Privacy & Cybersecurity Practice, and Darren Abernethy will present the CLE webinar, “The Final CCPA Regulations: What You Need To Know,” March 2 at 12:00 p.m. PT. The webinar will provide an overview of key takeaways from the finalized proposed updates to the California Consumer Privacy Act’s extensive implementing regulations.

The proposed regulations, which were approved by the California Privacy Protection Agency Feb. 3, are currently undergoing administrative review, and could be approved as early as April 2023. This 1-hour, CLE-eligible webinar will highlight the major changes and operational impacts of the CCPA regulations in an informative and conversational format, as well as discussing other new or forthcoming U.S. state consumer privacy laws.

Topics covered during the session will include: 

  • Consumer rights in relation to sharing, selling, and limiting the use of sensitive personal information
  • Website and mobile app options in relation to “Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information” requirements; user-enabled privacy controls, “alternative opt-out links” and GPC
  • Dark patterns, notice and transparency considerations
  • Service provider, contractor, and third-party practical considerations

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