Generally, most cookie banners fall within four broad categories:

  1. Notice-Only Cookie Banners. A notice-only cookie banner discloses to website visitors that the website deploys cookies (and potentially other tracking technologies), but the banner does not give the visitor any direct control concerning the use of cookies. In other words, the website visitor is not

While the CPRA deferred a majority of the CCPA’s employee-related substantive requirements until Jan. 1, 2023, employers are still required to provide employees with a notice at collection.[1] As a result, since Jan. 1, 2020, a notice at collection, which must be provided “at or before the point at which” the collection of information

A law firm may be considered a service provider under the CCPA to the extent that a written contract between the law firm and its client (e.g., an engagement letter) prohibits the law firm from using, retaining, and disclosing personal information except to the extent permitted by the client. As the CCPA only requires that