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While the CPRA deferred a majority of the CCPA’s employee-related substantive requirements until Jan. 1, 2023, employers are still required to provide employees with a notice at collection.[1] As a result, since Jan. 1, 2020, a notice at collection, which must be provided “at or before the point at which” the collection of information occurs,[2] was required to include the following information:

  • A list of the categories of personal information that will be collected;
  • The business or commercial purpose for which the information is being collected;
  • Information on how to opt out of the sale of personal information (if information is being sold); and
  • Information on how to find the company’s complete privacy notice.[3]

After Jan. 1, 2023, the CPRA will expand the information required to be included in a notice of collection to include the following:

  • Whether that information is “sold or shared”;[4] and
  • The “length of time” that the business intends to retain each category of personal information.[5]

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