When Implementing New Privacy Requirements, Don’t Forget User Perception

Recent events involving famous podcaster and comedian Joe Rogan and fitness device company Polar are a lesson in the delicate balancing act businesses face between privacy compliance and a positive user experience.

Joe Rogan screengrab of Polar Private Notice and Temporary Account Lock

A Backdrop of New Privacy Norms

Considering new and stringent privacy regulations, companies are

Greenberg Traurig’s study of the website practices of the Fortune 500 revealed that 28% of Fortune 500 companies have an arbitration provision in their terms of use agreement. This data underscores the split on the usefulness of arbitration provisions seen from company to company. Greenberg Traurig’s study found that companies with more comprehensive terms of

A recent study by Greenberg Traurig revealed that 92% of Fortune 500 companies have a website terms of use agreement in place. This data not only underscores the significance of such agreements for large enterprises but also emphasizes the Fortune 500’s understanding of the importance of terms of use as a crucial legal protection for