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A “cookie banner” refers to a pop-up notice on a website that discusses the site’s use of cookies. There is little standardization concerning how cookie banners are deployed. For example, websites can position them in different places on the screen (e.g., across the top of the screen, across the bottom of the screen, in a corner of the screen, or centered on the screen). Cookie banners also utilize different language to describe what cookies are and use different terms to describe options consumers may have in relation to the deployment of cookies. Some cookie banners require that a consumer interact with the banner (e.g., accept, cancel, or click out of) before the consumer can visit a website; other cookie banners are designed to disappear from view after several seconds.

As of October 2022, 45% of Fortune 500 websites were utilizing a cookie banner.[1] That represents an 11-point increase since 2021.[2]

[1] Greenberg Traurig LLP reviewed the publicly available privacy notices and practices of 555 companies (the Survey Population). The Survey Population comprises companies that had been ranked within the Fortune 500 at some point in the past five years as well as additional companies selected from industries that are underrepresented in the Fortune 500. While the Survey Population does not fully match the current Fortune 500 as a result of industry consolidation and shifts in company capitalization, we believe that the aggregate statistics rendered from the Survey Population are representative of mature companies. Greenberg Traurig’s latest survey was conducted between September and October 2022. Websites were visited using the Chrome browser from an IP address associated with California.

[2] Greenberg Traurig LLP conducted a survey in December 2020 which showed that 34.2% of websites had cookie banners.