While there is relatively little publicly available empirical data concerning website visitors’ interactions with cookie banners, the data that does exist indicates that user acceptance rates are significantly greater depending upon how many options are presented to a website visitor. For example, in one study researchers placed a cookie banner on a website that provided

Businesses often struggle with how to display cookie banners given the complexities of conveying information to individuals that may lack technical expertise, and “banner fatigue” – a term which describes the reality that consumers presented with pop-ups and cookie banners across different websites may not spend time to read each banner before attempting to close

The CCPA generally does not require that a company obtain the consent (or the “opt-in”) of a person before collecting or using their personal information. Consent is, required, however, in the following situations:

  1. Exemption from the definition of “sale.” The CCPA’s broad definition of “sale” could encompass a number of ordinary information transfers in addition