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YouTube Content Creators Must Act

As of January 6, 2020, YouTube creators must designate their videos (both new as well as all videos previously posted) as either made for kids or adults. The new requirement has left esport, gaming, musician, vlog, and many other creators scrambling to correctly categorize their videos; otherwise, they face a risk of fines from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

The decision is a serious, albeit confusing one for many creators. When a video is designated “made for kids,” personalized ads, comments, live chat, the notification bell, playlisting options, the Mini Player, and other monetization features are disabled, which will likely substantially decrease affected content creators’ revenue. But many YouTube creators produce content that may be appealing to both adults and kids alike, creating uncertainty as to how to designate their videos.

Implementing too stringent of a “made for kids” scheme will reduce the take-home pay for content creators; too lax a regime may result in fines from the federal government. GT has developed several easy-to-use tools for content creators to make the YouTube designation process more streamlined and efficient, resulting in a reasonable level of compliance in a grey, complicated, and evolving landscape.

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